Department of General Surgery

Phone 0497 2 88 2151 (Department)
0497 2 88 2215 (OPD)
OPD on all days except sunday
Timings 8.30am to 3.30pm
OPD at hospital block level 3 Room No 10
Department at hospital block level 4 Room No 405
[email protected]
OGD Scopy
Laperoscopy (Key hole Surgery)
Separate Surgical ICU with 14 beds equipped with monitors, ventilators and infusion pumps etc
Special clinics for thyroid, breast, gall bladder disease and cancer
Well equipped operation theatre complex having 18 separate OTs, two separate emergency OTs
Well experienced surgeons to take care of all general surgical problems both elective and emergency including trauma
Facilities for routine investigations and minor procedures are available in the OP department
Facility to admit any number of inpatients
Treatment rooms available near the wards for performing minor procedures, clinical examination and dressings
Dietician service available